Sunday, March 09, 2008


Spent this morning building and truing the new wheels, whilst the joiner built shelves for us in various rooms. The wheels went together very easily and the rims were a joy to build with. Slotted tyres on them, which was a bit of a job - i presume because they are intended for tubeless, so a tight fit is preferred.

Headed out to mugdock, just for an hour and picked up some meat for tea: lamb with garlic, lemon and rosemary for me, steak and thyme for trina...

A good ride. 4.30pm to 5.40pm. Still on target after a rather hurried hour on the rollers (11.58am to 12.59pm) yesterday prior to dashing out to see the rugby. Good games, for different reasons. Wales and ireland are always a joy to watch and the calcutta cup went to scotland, a shock to say the least...

So, collapsed in bed and drinking some vino tinto. Tomorrow im going to head for the hills again, but its going to be gale force winds and heavy rain, so we'll see how it goes.

The pink bike is a very fun bike to ride. It isnt better than my ti if, but it is different. The raked out front end is amazing in technical stuff, not perfect for seated climbing if its steep, and is lovely in corners...all good. First chip as well, so its 'used' now. No doubt it wont be its much as it upsets me!


Marty Savalas said...

any chance of that lamb recipe?

krs said...

I'm guessing here - but see if it matches up with what Jon says:

couple of crushed garlic cloves
few sprigs of Rosemary
Olive oil
pepper to taste
juice and empty husk of a lemon

marinade all the above for 'a bit'

get the lamb to room temp before cooking.
Get yr skillet super-b hot, shoogle the lamb to get rid of excess marinade and bang on the pan. Cook until browned with crispy bits on the outside and pink inside.

remove from pan and let rest a minute or 2, then serve on warm plates with posh chips, salad leaves & a skoosh of Lemon juice and some mayo or mint sauce etc...

Don't forget pukka things and bishing your bash boshes.

: )

dRjON said...

thats it :-)~

Marty Savalas said...

aah, we had that for pre-24 hr race once didn't we? what cut of meat would you recommend?