Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day whatever.

Interesting. The motivation was low initially. but it is still dry and crispy so i jumped on the road rat with several layers of fleece and soft shell (see: i learn from my mistakes, at least for 48 hours or so) and pedalled ff into the sunset. Sweet. 6.38pm to (oddly exactly 7.38pm.

The it was food time. Turkey steaks which had marinated in cinnamon, cloves, orange juice grapefruit juice and garlic, with a red pepper and green onion slaw in huges flowery tortillas with mango sauce and green chillies. Yummy.

Managed a quick chat with stevil who is as busy as ever but also as good to hear as ever. Swobo are the real thing.

Now? well, we found a copy of the cartoon link up between starwars 2 and 3 - the clone wars, and so its going to get slapped onto the computer and an anchor steam is in my grasp.

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