Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In Nicks cove. Lovely place, amazing oysters, relaxed atmosphere. Still waking up at 5am, but then snoozing until we go and play out in mother nature's back yard. Yesterday, we kayak'd up the west side of the Tomales bay, and then fought against the tide back to the shore.

Today, we popped over to fairfax, briefly, then rode along the bolinas ridge, enjoying the spectacular surroundings and the red hawks aerobatic displays.

The cows? well, they *were* pretty aggressive. Mo' image on flickr.

Many thanks to Black mountain cycles Mike for the advice, a beautiful shop stuffed with eye wateringly fabulous old pott's bikes.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bike packing clothing.

Thanks to Anja, my clothing system is complete. She managed to get a hold of some of this seasons new, and i think best yet, Icebreaker range. For those in the dark, Icebreaker make fantastic quality merino wool clothing of all types, weights, uses and sizes. In combination - especially when the wiff factor is so low - these pieces allow you to stay, warmer, drier, cooler, for longer with less muss, fuss and weight. Downside? well its not cheap, and it doesnt have the latest en vogue team print.

So: mid weight, 260g balaclava. Can be rolled into a hat, will be used on the coldest winter days.

Expedition weight 340g hooded, slim fit top. Riding in if cold, used in sleeping bag so a 3 season bag gains a few degrees of rating.

Thin, breathable 180g short sleeve top. For the warmer days, and as inner layer.

Combined with 3/4 wool underwear for night time, i think i have the clothes dialled..

Inevitable 2

I suppose it is part of becoming accepted from the leftfield that people copy your stuff. As it becomes more mainstream, over time, people start looking for the source (be it the source that re-introduced an old idea to a modern application, or the source of real live 'blue sky' ideas). Who knows. Perhaps it is only then that real recognition begins.

Take jeff jones, for example. I call jeff a friend. I strongly believe in his approach to bicycle design and building. His ideas on geometry, ergonomics and his philosophy of riding fits with me extremely well.

As outcast as his ideas were initially, the mainstream are taking notice and although it can be argued that imitation is a form of flattery, i do get a bit upset in the use of someones intelectual property with out so much as a nod.

Mary bars, G2 geometry, and now Skyde's run of H bars and combined bar stems seem to have cropped up without even a nod in jeff's direction.

Obviously, arguments over whether jeff "started" all this blah blah blah, are commonplace and i think the point is he realised the relevance to certain bikes and riding styles and was willing to go against the grain of accepted wisdom at the time.

So, chapeau jeff, long may innovation live.

Inevitable 1

pic stolen from shaderlab , who generally has some fab pics.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thursday, August 07, 2008



So its off to france for the wedding of my very good friends Caroline Juyon and Russell Cathcart.

The kilt is rolled (well, will be...), the hose and sporran at the ready.

Its time to celebrate the new alliance.

Saturday, August 02, 2008