Friday, December 28, 2007

The time is nigh...

Hello Everyone:
Registration for the Single Speed World Championships
2008 in Napa,CA, USA, will open on January 1, 2008,
at 12:00 a.m. pacific standard time
(AKA: California time.
We will post an on-line form for people to fill out a
nd email to us soon. Again, registration does not open
until January 1, 2008 at 12:00 a.m. Any emailed
registration forms prior to that date and time will be
deleted. We will leave registration open until it fills
up, maximum riders will be 350. Everyone will be emailed
letting them know if they are in or out. If you are in,
there will be instructions on payment via PayPal.
Registration is $35 U.S. dollars. If you don't make it
in, we still encourage you to come out and play that
weekend anyway. There will be lots of rides going on
all over the Bay Area. More details about the
race weekend will be posted soon. Good Luck! Please
forward to friends that might be interested and please
post on blogs and websites, if applicable. We really want
to inform as many as possible so that everyone has a
fighting chance to get into the race. Thanks.
Curtis, Ken, Jeff, Andrew, Dennis & Mitzi

Saturday, December 22, 2007


So the years shortest day. Darkness. Daves birthday beers last night ended with g fonk and myself slamming a TVR...all good, and excellent to see the boy before his ageless self becomes a little more ageless.

Jedi on a bike has posted a work of pure genius...i thinki may go have some bacon.

Doing some more home improvement stuff today, taps leaking, floor of newly deco'd room needs varnish, wife needs a coffee upgrade, all the usual stuff. But i *did* manage to get out for an awesome ride the other day in frozen mud on the windy fantabulous Mugdock trails....2.5 hrs of pure fun slamming the IF into things...its ace to ride fat low pressure tyres again now cross season is done.

So, darkness, we welcome the Humungous says "fear is our ally".

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Millions and millions

Somehow, and for once, the sensible choice won....

Go sustrans...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Crossed up

Photo pinched from TA photo...

Sunday saw the championships of the Scottish cyclocross series at Plean, near Stirling. It had snowed and although the air temp was around 2 degree centigrade, as soon as the water splashed up on to the chamois, it got cold. Marty and myself used Belgian knee warmers, and the rest of the crew was made up of Superfans Trina and Chris handing out the heinies with peperami, and £1 primes, and Anja (recent transfer from New Zealand) and G-funk and jac. Telly savalas gave a nod to recent passed Evel with the stars and bars capes and the whole shebang plowed through the mud and the snow for an hour. As you could predict it was hard going. Some of the mild climbing had the singlespeeders grinding out of the saddle to keep any forward progress, but in the end a good time had.

Anja clocked up third with Eileen getting a 1st right at the wire. A prospect for sure. The blokes had to be content with finishing, but g-funk did us proud with a DFL. So DFL in fact the organisers didnt clock he'd finished and ended up phoning him at home! good work there...

Problems...well there were a few. My front wheel took a beating after jumping off a stump onto a slidey off camber landing. Seems that using a disc on that wheel (it is 3 years old) has caused the spokes to loosen a little and i had a taco from lap one onwards. No punctures ( 37c twisters and 70psi put paid to that) but on trying to retrue the wheel today seems its beyond an A317, and some supercomp spokes are coming my way...amazing how hard it is to find the build info from shimano for their xtr hubs...fortunately there are some resources to help...

Damon Rinard
DT swiss
Spoke calculator

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

This week end we salute a hero

So it is the Scottish cyclocross champs this week end. Tely savalas players will be in full effect and this time, we are doing it for evel.

I took the rear wheel off the dambala and swapped the end caps to the 10mm bolted fitting, 10 mins work when you have a good method for popping the non drive side end cap off. Not sure yet if i'll run the stans crows or the proper cross tyres. The issue there is im a little undergeared at 38:18 if i drop the wheel diameter...we'll see...

The ro sham bo will ride again, in honour of a man who played that game with fate until the very end...

The logo is lifted from the old kelly site. If anyone didnt read chris' expose of how his brand was in essence stolen from him in {updated: how could i have been so wrong?} the outcast, its worth digging out.

Pictures? well, in the last issue of Dirt we have a tom moran special of mark tattooing kelli's bum, and we also have a story by jp wombat in the latest dirt rag...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Not enough people wear capes these days

Tim said that. Prophetic in the utmost.

RIP Evel...there is a tune by Aim where soundbites of evel talking to a bunch of school children prior to the ill fated jump across the snake river canyon. I suspect a lot of dreams were hatched during that interview.

"Its a sky cycle honey, not a bike, a sky cycle..."