Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A tale of 2 cities

Interesting few days. Over to edinburgh for a ride with chris (bd boy) and dan. Technical, rock, root, slide and steep session on the stoorie b in rain. All good, but sometimes you just know that technical is not in your forcefield for that day. So it was with me. I did enjoy watching chris and dan push some new lines down improbable things, and even had a go myself down a rock slide, entered by a slippery off camber slope of about 40 degrees, with a 'not good' drop off to one side. It would be a superb photo spot, as you can stand on one of the rocks and catch the rider sliding down from above, round you and then directly below you through the rock chute section....will try to get this one up sometime.

Then back though to glasgow. A wee ride in one of the city parks (pollock) which highlighted that there is some interesting riding within the city limits of weeg, other than mugdock. A real possibility for a skull and cross bikes, but strictly pirate style so don't tell anyone i said that, eh? Also would be excellent for night riding and for a spring pootle with a bag full o' beers. Will raise this when the noah's flood has subsided...

Then back through to edinburgh today for a conference on drug misuse management. As expected some interesting neuro biology stuff...don't get me started on yer mu receptors...and some weak, weak papers. Expected? well their ain't no corporate money in addicts y'know?

Also in todays thoughts is pete basinger..shooting for a new iditarod invitational record and going oh so very well. Follow it on the alaska mtbr forum or alaska ultrasport. Carl Hutchings is in there too...

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Again, to the gym
Again, to the floor mats.
Again to the 'bosu'.
Again the yoga.

The bosu. Ah yes. Although it bears a striking similarity to a diaphragm, it isnt. Oh no. It is a modern day torture device. It is used for core strength and balancing exercises. Also if you search on google images, it looks like it is used to make people extremely happy whilst being as buff as teak.

Still, it is helping. I am almost totally working on core strength and initial cardiovascular stuff at the moment. I have to say for the first time in my puff, i am actually enjoying the gym experience.
Because i am staying away from the weight machines i can avoid the weirdos trying to dislocate various limbs by hauling too heavy weights too fast and jerkily whilst watching their mates watching them in some sort of homoerotic nightmare chat line advert hell.

Still, whatever lights your candle. I can only wish i was a private physio...or maybe not.

So is it worth it? who knows, but i defiantly feel fitter than 3 weeks ago.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bike fit?

Seems i have my mental teeth in to a willits scorcher. But what about fit? how to decide what i need in terms of size? i dunno...never had anything like it...

From the road rat i'd say i need a 22" ish top tube...who knows?

(pic from fixedgeargallery)

Monday, February 19, 2007


Steve is an artist.

He is a top notch bloke.

Go to Drunkingham. Be witness and think about buying a painting, or at least a sticker.

(sketch pinched from his site, with very kind regards)


What a day yesterday was. We had family bacon with us this weekend. It was ace. Fun frolics beer trees chorizo whisky late nights early mornings high fives and blessed re lax ation.

Part of the plan was to get a ride in with biff. Though the window was tight to allow for all the other things we were doing, and so we arose at 5.45 sunday, catching one of the most beautiful dawn rides along the bonny bonny banks i've ever experienced. We wove, we ducked, we dived.

I'll try and get a pic or 2 soon.

Later, having hatched a plan to ride with dave and g funk later in the day, i hit aberfoyle with a view to seeing the gloaming with my co-savalas's. Perhaps more laughs than miles, i feel like the sun shone just for us yesterday.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007


And no its not my new climbing grade.

Things are getting critical...i may hit 14 stone if i'm not careful...BMI 27...thats overweight by a full stone. 14 pounds.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Eriksen and magma


You know where to look. Someone has finally shoved 2 36" wheels in to a frame. Can you guess which big dutch bloke is peeing himself?


Monday, February 12, 2007


Post strathpuffer.

Fit new xtr outboard bb.
Send old cups to tim at sideways to have old bearings ejected and new Phil Wood ones fitted.
Fit new brake pads.
Clean Nokons. Work surprisingly well.
Fit new Eriksen seatpin . Works a treat.
Toy with the idea of 9 and 10mm dt axles. Not sure if they would fit or work. But a special man may well have the answer.
Consider fitting the Black Sheep fork...well, its been hanging there a while now...

Trans fat

So its time to buckle down, get fit, lose the extra stone i have gained and generally sort out the lifestyle. I'm looking forward to getting back to work. The enforced break due to the burns and then a (well timed in terms of healing) holiday have left me needing the stimulation of work, as well as a need to get my teeth back into all the stuff going on in the practice.

In terms of fitness, some changes are required. I'm going to stop the press ups and sit ups in the a.m before work, in order to focus on the yoga at this time. My simple collection of back stretches and leg stretches are something i know i cant miss and I'm rushing them to get everything done.

i have joined a gym. Shit! i hear you cry...a sweat box for middle class voyeurs and exercise evaders?! maybe and maybe not. it will allow me to do more focused core balance and strengthening and thus help me ward off the nagging back strain i have had for 6 months.

i also intend to try out a 30 rides in 30 days thing. The question on my mind at the moment is whether to buy rollers. Not sure on this one. Feel free to offer advice...

On a separate note, see this link and check out the hard to validate but still shocking range of hydrogenated oil in chips from the golden arches in NY and denmark for 04-05. Wow. How do they get away with it?

Bikes with curves: a reprise

One of (if not) the most pleasing i have seen. Steve Garro is a super good bloke who is triumphing over a pretty horrific rta a while back. The best rendition of "scoaaaatland" ever heard by many and a hugely tough, gracious and interesting individual all in one. Pic stolen from his blog and checkout his frame building if you are in the market.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Visited Ano Nuevo sanctuary the other day, just north west along the coast from santa cruz. The main thing there is elephant seals. These things grow to 5000lbs of blubber and are from the same stock as Grizzlies. And you can tell. When they fight to be alpha male they tear great big chunks out of each other. In an attenborough sense, its pretty amazing to watch. The babies pop out at a mere 90lbs and the mothers hold on to them only for 28 days or so and then ditch them. At this point they have to learn for themselves. They have however gained an immense amount of weight off mummies 50-60$ fat milk and despite being unable to swim, they have at this point a 50% survival chance for the coming year. Probably not bad in natures playground.

Other facts: mum can hold her breath for 2 hours and dive to 5000 feet below sea level. Thats a looooong way down...To do this she pumps all the air out of the lungs and reduces the heart rate from an average of 70bpm to 5, sort of sleeping every so often to keep organs at minimal requirement for blood. At the apex (?) of her dive she gobbles squid and sharks and such and then pops back to the surface.

Does it make you think that evolution is pushing itself pretty hard in some odd directions?


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another new post

Took delivery of my Eriksen post today. Ti 400mm 27.2 and an exquisite mechanism for holding the rails...

So the IF gets a new on e and the moots gets slotted on to either the se7en or the ro sham bo, allowing the same saddle bar length on all 3 bikes and keeping me happy...

Kent and co were more than helpful and accommodating in geting me the post at the right time in the usa. If you need a dose of the grey metal, i'd suggest giving him a call.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Beer pucks and lena toast

Spent yesterday on a "no gears just beers" ride in the hills around santa cruz. The skin is holding together, and the slow, relaxed pace with frequent beer and vista stops was battery and soul recharging...mike's dog lena toast was the star of the show, finishing a mammoth 9 hour day cruising along side the bipeds on wheels with nary a complaint. Refuelled by 2 tacos i'm sure she could have run on through the night too...