Monday, February 12, 2007

Trans fat

So its time to buckle down, get fit, lose the extra stone i have gained and generally sort out the lifestyle. I'm looking forward to getting back to work. The enforced break due to the burns and then a (well timed in terms of healing) holiday have left me needing the stimulation of work, as well as a need to get my teeth back into all the stuff going on in the practice.

In terms of fitness, some changes are required. I'm going to stop the press ups and sit ups in the a.m before work, in order to focus on the yoga at this time. My simple collection of back stretches and leg stretches are something i know i cant miss and I'm rushing them to get everything done.

i have joined a gym. Shit! i hear you cry...a sweat box for middle class voyeurs and exercise evaders?! maybe and maybe not. it will allow me to do more focused core balance and strengthening and thus help me ward off the nagging back strain i have had for 6 months.

i also intend to try out a 30 rides in 30 days thing. The question on my mind at the moment is whether to buy rollers. Not sure on this one. Feel free to offer advice...

On a separate note, see this link and check out the hard to validate but still shocking range of hydrogenated oil in chips from the golden arches in NY and denmark for 04-05. Wow. How do they get away with it?


Buck said...

Rollers are a handy thing, if you can handle the brain pain. Much better than a rear wheel trainer fer sure. Balance and all.

tom said...

30 in 30.
Pah you need to be more like Matt.
26weeks of back to back rides.