Thursday, February 22, 2007


Again, to the gym
Again, to the floor mats.
Again to the 'bosu'.
Again the yoga.

The bosu. Ah yes. Although it bears a striking similarity to a diaphragm, it isnt. Oh no. It is a modern day torture device. It is used for core strength and balancing exercises. Also if you search on google images, it looks like it is used to make people extremely happy whilst being as buff as teak.

Still, it is helping. I am almost totally working on core strength and initial cardiovascular stuff at the moment. I have to say for the first time in my puff, i am actually enjoying the gym experience.
Because i am staying away from the weight machines i can avoid the weirdos trying to dislocate various limbs by hauling too heavy weights too fast and jerkily whilst watching their mates watching them in some sort of homoerotic nightmare chat line advert hell.

Still, whatever lights your candle. I can only wish i was a private physio...or maybe not.

So is it worth it? who knows, but i defiantly feel fitter than 3 weeks ago.

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