Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A tale of 2 cities

Interesting few days. Over to edinburgh for a ride with chris (bd boy) and dan. Technical, rock, root, slide and steep session on the stoorie b in rain. All good, but sometimes you just know that technical is not in your forcefield for that day. So it was with me. I did enjoy watching chris and dan push some new lines down improbable things, and even had a go myself down a rock slide, entered by a slippery off camber slope of about 40 degrees, with a 'not good' drop off to one side. It would be a superb photo spot, as you can stand on one of the rocks and catch the rider sliding down from above, round you and then directly below you through the rock chute section....will try to get this one up sometime.

Then back though to glasgow. A wee ride in one of the city parks (pollock) which highlighted that there is some interesting riding within the city limits of weeg, other than mugdock. A real possibility for a skull and cross bikes, but strictly pirate style so don't tell anyone i said that, eh? Also would be excellent for night riding and for a spring pootle with a bag full o' beers. Will raise this when the noah's flood has subsided...

Then back through to edinburgh today for a conference on drug misuse management. As expected some interesting neuro biology stuff...don't get me started on yer mu receptors...and some weak, weak papers. Expected? well their ain't no corporate money in addicts y'know?

Also in todays thoughts is pete basinger..shooting for a new iditarod invitational record and going oh so very well. Follow it on the alaska mtbr forum or alaska ultrasport. Carl Hutchings is in there too...

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