Thursday, March 01, 2007

Summer shape

32:16 pic-bless.

Well, 13 stone 3 today...easy-peasey. Fitness? maybe not rock bottom, but certainly not climbing fast. Races? Mountain Marathon 10 entered. Could it be the very last for telly savalas players' club? as it was the first? who knows... but i sense a party atmosphere developing for this one, as do the singlespeeders of would seem there may be some sort of competition on here, and i can bet its not going to be about how many laps we do...

Also got my 'ok' for the jewel of italian 24 hour races is added to the schedule.

Trina's birthday tomorrow...woop! we are off to Plockton to have a chilled week end and to celebrate with the odd mick coe or IPA.

Then on monday, its time for the eagles of death metal. Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to rock?

Finally, this.

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Nick said...

You know I couldn't find where I'd originally posted that picture and had to upload it all over again :^)

Hopefully we can get Daleside as a sponsor again.