Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Psycho billy snow ride night gents

Hectic hectic.

Been up north sorting some stuff out. Rode in the snow, drank too much beer and discovered a penchant for psychobilly...

The seasons are changing and as the sun creeps from hibernation there is a quickening. The sap flows in the trees, i dont come home in the dark, the promise of long rides and road trips are tantalising.

The first Pirate Bike event will be soon. So far, it is looking like around 150miles, starting Fort Augustus and ending either in Glasgow or Edinburgh. Details tba.

Take deep breaths. Stretch those lungs. You will need them soon.


buck said...

Psychobilly, yeah baby it's "Martini Time!"

shaggy said...

Pirate Bike sounds ace!

and RHH rocks!