Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Speed of thought

Things are moving fast, including me. The 24 hr solo for this year is Finale in Italy, 9 weeks or so...i can barely ride 6 hours, so that needs some work.

We are accelerating our work on the SSWC...seems to be that time where 'shit needs done' as they say. So 'shit is being done'. Off to Aviemore this week for 3 days to press flesh, view things and sort things. The jury is out on whether we'll be camping. I'd like to but most of the north is under water right now, so it may be silly.

Got 6 hours under the belt on monday. Forecast: 'sunny with occasional showers'. Reality: rain, heavy to moderate for 5/6ths of those hours. Still 60 miles is ok, but i feel like there is a steep slope to climb. Vitally, it seems like the slope is worth climbing ~ my motivation is rising and i think this is the biggest need to ride just seemed to lesson with the transition from autumn to winter last year, and then getting burned led to a long lay off. I need to open my self up and welcome the pain again.

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buck said...

You can say that again. Welcome to the pain cave. It has filled up over the winter and needs renovating.

Let's get to work!!