Thursday, March 15, 2007


So how is the exercise program going?


Yes, hmmmm.

Went to the gym today. Banged out 21.30 for 6 km on the ergo at max resistance. Then hit the climbing wall and problem solved for 30mins...ended up with a tricky 6B. I'm enjoying climbing again, even if it is top roped and short..still excellent mental and physical work.

Dynamic core strengthening was next. Now? well now i feel wabbit.

Buuuuuuuuut. There is the hint of a little steeliness there. Somewhat of a tempering going on. The rowing was better. Hit full capacity at 450m out and managed to maintain a fair clip.

My issue is i have no base miles in the legs. Its 9 weeks 'til the Finale solo 24 and i reckon i'd be lucky if i could handle a 100 miles mixed at the moment, let alone with sleep deprivation and gradient thrown in.

We'll see...

Yet again the forecast for this week end is bitter winds, severe with 80+mile gusts and snowfall with white out conditions possible from 800m up. Rough. Not perfect for rolling lots of miles.

So mixed feelings. Still, as long as i can increase the miles steadily, without getting ill, i may just squeeze some form out.


Martin said...



can get a "throwaway" geared bike for less than the wheels on your IF. ride, destroy, recycle...

Dan said...

How about a different approach? As the weather is going to be pants staying off the hills is sensible so a Fife coastal path challenge is called for ;-) Edinburgh to Dundee, see how far you can get in a day and then bail out on the train when your broken. I have been meaning to have a crack at this but haven't got around to it yet, probably best this time of year too.

buck said...

A ride to and from State College last weekend was the trick for me. 120ish miles each way. Good to get the fat off and maybe a little form on. Skinnies with gears for sure.

Snowing here agian now I hate the effin' snow in mid March. It was 80deg F on Wed now it's friggin' 30.

My bid for the SSWC07 is in jepardy, but for good cause. Holly is pregnant. Due at end of Sept. maybe I can still squeeze it in.

Say Hi to Trina for me!


Trina said...

Happy news - hugs to you both. Still expect to see you in scotland if it can be worked out!

Nick said...

sounds counter-intuitive but when you don't have the time to doa long ride do some short but hard intervals to help you get used to the lactic acid burn?

5 x 2 min,
5 x 1 min,
5 x 30 seconds

if you're not throwing up you're not trying hard enough.

Martin said...
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Martin said...

Buck - congratulations!

Dan - sounds like a plan. How about first(ish) train to Dundee then ride back?

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