Monday, February 19, 2007


What a day yesterday was. We had family bacon with us this weekend. It was ace. Fun frolics beer trees chorizo whisky late nights early mornings high fives and blessed re lax ation.

Part of the plan was to get a ride in with biff. Though the window was tight to allow for all the other things we were doing, and so we arose at 5.45 sunday, catching one of the most beautiful dawn rides along the bonny bonny banks i've ever experienced. We wove, we ducked, we dived.

I'll try and get a pic or 2 soon.

Later, having hatched a plan to ride with dave and g funk later in the day, i hit aberfoyle with a view to seeing the gloaming with my co-savalas's. Perhaps more laughs than miles, i feel like the sun shone just for us yesterday.



dave said...

50g per slice.

Count 'em!

Anonymous said...

seeded batch or pan? what does your braille say?