Monday, February 12, 2007


Post strathpuffer.

Fit new xtr outboard bb.
Send old cups to tim at sideways to have old bearings ejected and new Phil Wood ones fitted.
Fit new brake pads.
Clean Nokons. Work surprisingly well.
Fit new Eriksen seatpin . Works a treat.
Toy with the idea of 9 and 10mm dt axles. Not sure if they would fit or work. But a special man may well have the answer.
Consider fitting the Black Sheep fork...well, its been hanging there a while now...


Chreestophell said...

ace - I just got around to sorting out the rig post-strathpuffer... Ta for head set ministrations btw.

I breathed life back into the front hub with degreaser and wet&dry paper. Rough, but spins now. Rohloff shifter now spins happily, too, with the application of chain oil - may not have been a great idea but I can now change gear without having to use both hands. New pads & new chain - jobs a good'un. I'll just ignore the cable wear on the fork crown.

I will ask Jac if she is planning on using her turbot rainer, if you want?

dave said...

Chris - I just got round to sorting my bike on Sunday, and my bus fare debt to you but 2 mins ago..... sorry for supersized slackness