Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In Nicks cove. Lovely place, amazing oysters, relaxed atmosphere. Still waking up at 5am, but then snoozing until we go and play out in mother nature's back yard. Yesterday, we kayak'd up the west side of the Tomales bay, and then fought against the tide back to the shore.

Today, we popped over to fairfax, briefly, then rode along the bolinas ridge, enjoying the spectacular surroundings and the red hawks aerobatic displays.

The cows? well, they *were* pretty aggressive. Mo' image on flickr.

Many thanks to Black mountain cycles Mike for the advice, a beautiful shop stuffed with eye wateringly fabulous old pott's bikes.


Chipps said...

Not missing you at all. No sirree...

It's absolutely HOSING it down with rain here - and has done every day. Grrr!

Have a great time over there.
Chipps xx

velopest said...

thanks, love...but definitely wish you were here..

jacquie said... were in fairfsx?

Nick said...

Can God fill teeth? Did you see any supernormal dental happenings?

blackmountaincycles said...

You're welcome! We never really introduced ourselves when you were at the shop. When I was telling Ken a couple of nights ago over beers that a guy from Scotland was out for SSWC, he asked if his name was Dr. Jon and then went on how you stitched up Cameron in Downieville. Small world. Saw you during the race, but didn't hang around too long after.