Sunday, September 07, 2008

Worlds colliding.

Back from the US of A. A long trip, with so many good things it is going to be hard to mention them all. We took stock in san francisco prior to aiming the rental barge to the marin headlands. With nick's cove as a base (in point reyes national park) we wandered, rode and sea kayaked ourselves into a state of relaxation, with the help of xcellent oysters, red wine and lagunitas IPA at the 'cove's rstaurant. The cabin we stayed in was amazing, with several shower heads and a seat in the shower wet room, and a bed which would keep a princess happy.

All too soon, it was time to head to napa for the singlespeed worlds. No doubt there will be acres of words dedicated to a fine event orchestrated by curtis inglis. The course was hard, the sun hot, the dust thick and the beer flowing. We stayed in a motel with the aussies, canadians, and some of the brits. A great and relatively chilled time was had.

At the compo for next years race, max pulled it out the bag for durango, so im off to order a hyperbaric tent...


alice b. toeclips said...

no need for a hyperbaric tent!!
Just hold your breath for a minute at maximum exertion every training ride a time or two. This beautifully simulates the gasping for air etc.
oh wait. You're gonna try to up yr hematocrit?
One word: EPO.
SO much easier! And: the maker sponsors the Tour of California!!

adjustablecrumpet said...

heh - i'm just planning on going a month early. ctr, anyone? ;o)

dRjON said...


the ctr sounds proper'll love it jenn!