Sunday, September 07, 2008


2 days prior to the shenandoah 100, frank took me riding in cooper's gap, near state college. The trails there are rocky, swoopy, rooty and on account of the rain, slippery. A few days before heading to the USA, i had noticed an unusual creak at the front of my bike. Initially i thought it was the disc brake unit, but it started creaking when i wasnt braking. The culprit reared its head in cooper's gap. As i whizzed round a corner chasing the hard charging frank, i skipped over some rocks and roots, and on attaining traction again, i shot off into the undergrowth. No impact or crash, just over steer.

On regaining the trail, i found the front rim had cracked open at the pinned joint, leaving me in need of a new wheel. Fortunately, the guys at mt nittany wheel works sorted me'll see in the picture, the bend, which was confined to about 4" of rim.

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