Saturday, September 20, 2008

15 lbs and change.

Got the Epic Designs bags on to the bike for the first time. I've had them for awhile due to the sterling efforts of eric (if you havent read this do so) but i havent been here, or able to spare the time to go for a "bikepacking" trip.

So, i loaded up with everything i need, including belt and braces in some cases, and total weight of everything is great. More importantly it all fits into the packs with room aplenty to spare. The best thing is that due to the 'trunk turtle' design, i have easy access to things i might need quickly. Everything is lashed down and stable and i am confident that technical singletrack will be fine.

The aim for this trip is probably east coast, with a planned stop off to see some friends racing/comissaring at glentress. From there, who knows....

I'll report back.

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Trail_rat said...

saw these on your bike at glentress jon , look pretty swish and didnt look like they would hinder the bike too much in the singletrack. Alot better than a trailer thats for sure !