Tuesday, March 04, 2008

There will be mud.

The planets were aligned today. I know this not because i, like hitler and the british secret service, utilise astrologers, but because i:
a) finished work early, as in 4pm
b) had no other things to do
and it:
a) wasnt snowing, raining or indeed precipitating in any way whatsoever
b) was, on the other hand, sunny

So, i popped out to mugdock for a ride. Its good to get outside if you are doing a 30/30 it seems, it makes sense.

A technical ride ensued, in the recent snow-melt squelchy conditions, slip slidin' around over gnarly, rooty trails. Ace. Power climbs, laying it over through mud pit corners, up and over rocks, dicing though tightly packed trees.

5pm to 6.30pm, finishing in the gloaming, with the lights of glasgow in the distance...


I'm not really gay said...

still keeping strong Jon ?

I'm looking for reasons why not to ride rather than why to ride, I like that

reverend dick said...

That makes a lot of good sense to me. The article clearly states that MI5 was trying to understand upon what advice Hitler might be acting, NOT that they themselves were superstitious. That's some good skullduggery, right there.

dRjON said...

skullduggery indeed!

worthy of hellboy id say...

jacquie said...

I have completed thirty days of NO RIDING
damn flu that won't give up
But I am SURE to be fine by May.
And off to your island I will fly
Love yr blog, really love all the details about the house being a coup (NEW WORD!!!)
and trying to get no-handed.
Roll on, oh wondrous carrotbeard