Monday, March 10, 2008

Day X.

So we are a third of the way through thirdy in thirdy. I was desperate to get out into the hills today. Desperate. I was going to do what chris, marty and myself refer to as the mustard route. So named because of the yellow way marks dotted here and there, and the mustard you can occasionally get on a hot dog at the end of said route. It is of varying lengths depending on how many of the pinched off loops you take and how many laps you do. Generally, i do either 2 basic mustards, or mustard to red loop to green loop. both end up around 40 miles ( i think, ish, maybe, possibly). None are super stimulating, but they are a good test of fitness. There is another loop that ups the ante significantly off the mustard, but its way too early in spring for that...far, far too wet.

Instead, due to nonstop - as in it never stopped even for a second - rain i decided to hit the rollers. Again. Now dont get me wrong, i dont dislike rollers. Indeed today i managed 4 complete rotations no handed and one footed - a minor victory. Buuuuuuuuut, compared to being outside its poor. 3.11pm to 4.31pm. The exact length of cut chemist and shadows latest offering...

Riding outside? The trails are just soaked. The water table is a foot above ground level and its still raining. Sheeeesh...meanwhile brian vernor of pure, sweet hell sent a link to the story of his trip to africa.

What i did achieve was emptying 6-7 boxes of crap that have gathered dust for probably 4 years in the flat. When we emptied everything so rooms could be painted, we decided nothing would just go straight back on a shelf. This is the long term view as it means in the meantime, the flat is an absolute coup.

Some new king spacers arrived from aspire velotech, so the spacers above the stem on the pink beast are neater. I saw some new knickers from swobo and i'm wondering how many pairs i need...and i finally replaced the brake pads on the town bike...which were down to the metal.

Time for some bordeaux and a snooze i think.


Marty Savalas said...

heh! i was telling someone at work about the mustard and ketchup loops today, inspired by hot dog on the lunch menu (£2.42!).

Anonymous said...

Nice tat. Yours?

dRjON said...

errr, the one of steve zissou? nope...stolen from the interweb....

Buck said...

Good roll on the 30 in 30! What a good thing to do. My new ride schedule has me riding one big day a week with some to none in between. Although I'm 1/6 into the a century a month for 08'. Jan and Feb were good, and it should only get better.
Baby's gettin' phat and happy!

Hi Trina!