Friday, March 07, 2008

One eyed snake.

Hit the rollers after work for a 6.35pm to 738pm block. Fine, stretching the hams helped. I need to tilt the saddle back a touch, and the bars forward, then im there. Managed to start from standing, again not pretty, but better.

Picked up the rims from dave at alpine bikes, and also the new dt24o front hub. I have a small collection of spokes and what not, so ill build em up over the week end. The rear is going to be the dt24o singlespeed centre lock which is currently wearing an open pro ceramic and the bolt on system. That was my second '29"er' rear wheel. It served me well enough, especially as a cross wheel. Those rims weigh around 450 g and are tough to boot. However, at 19mm wide, they mean i need to run too high a pressure to keep the tyres on them. That and a slight fear of overall robustness means retirement. Its in reasonable nick so i may build it up for the town bike, as that bike's deore front hub and open sport rim are dying from a winter of salt water and being ignored. It also desperately (as in down to the posts) needs new pads...i cant really stop it at all.

The bonty rims really are quite the thing. 28-29 mm wide, a measured 490 g tubeless ready (with a £1 valve, £6 strip and some spooch) Offset, eyeletted spoke holes and a nice clean finish. I have a feeling they are going to be my go to rim for a while...Once the wheels are built and the bolt ends are swapped in favour of QR ends on the hub, i can fit the rear rack. Once thats done, its ready to go as a light off road tourer. Part of me is erring towards getting some pannier bags, but they seem to offer little more than additional weight over dry bags and compression straps. we'll see...

Oh, the one eyed snake? Well the p-phone decided to have at it, and out of the me~lee an eye ball did pop.

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