Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thiddythiddy one.

So we started today, marty and me at least. 1 hour on the rollers...wet and windy in a stormy sort of way outside, so indoors for an ignominious start.

Still got it done, 10.03 am to 11.04 am. Windows open to counteract the sweating and some good tunes on the ipod.

Then at 10.50 am, a good thought. Bacon as a reward *every time* i do the hour. Yes folks, in the same week that brought me the bacon basket, comes the bacon reward. Perfect.


Simon said...

For some strange reason I've started. Not sure if I'll even make 2/2 as I still feel ill. We'll see.

trev said...

same here, i did my 1st hour on a gary fisher superfly and the second on a trek 69er, superfly is gorgeous, rides like a dream........

grant said...

1 hr 15 yesterday, 2 hrs 10 today. Both into hellish headwinds and general crap.

Do you realise you are a TV star?

Trev - saw a mag ad for the Superfly. I hate to admit it, but it *does* look sweet.