Monday, March 31, 2008

There it is.

So, friday on the rollers sandwiched between work and joining dave-no-chops and heather-no-chops-either for dinner and a beer or 2. Feeling pretty weary: a busy few days. Too much good stuff to do.

Then through to edinburgh on saturday. Itinerary:- haircut, ride and then dinner with nick and kirstie and the lovely sylvie. We got half way to edinburgh and for some reason i looked into the back of the car. 2 wheels, bike bag with lid, shoes and clothing. No frame. Bugger.

So after i was shorn i slipped back to the west to grab the bike, arrived at my parents to see the irrepressible cavendish and wiggins take the madison in the last few laps and then hoy storm the keirin. The stage was set for a ride on hallowed ground up stoorie b slip sliding around in the mud and rain. Ace.

Awakening with a half bowl of jambalaya beside me, it was time to batter down to glentress in the rain on sunday morning and finish this thing off. Marty, dave and adrian were already there and starting on new to me trails with a fair old climb, the morning fug was soon banished. We climbed for an hour then ripped down the hill in the most direct fashion, with arses way, way behind the saddle. Up the traditional cross country course on the otherside of the tweed, climbing forever to the high point then roaring down a new section (with one rock lip jump that came out of nowhere and was too big really) before hitting the code-black rock strewn section featured previously. I made all the sections, but had to re-do one move due to indecision. The sun warm on our sweaty backs.

4 hours of pain and smiling finished off the 30 from 30. Both me and martin were tired but happy and now, well, i have a 2 hour time trial to do today to test out electrolyte replacements.

I love riding.


youknow said...

you two look GORGEOUS xx

dave (chops optional) said...

We didn't go to Glentress though - we ain't no mincers..... ;-)

Did The-Beast-Cathcart warm the thermometer?