Thursday, March 06, 2008

Stop, hammer time...

A busy old day today. Workworkwork. And a full moon too. Then went off to get some underlay and put a carpet down in trina's 'dressing' room. More of a cupboard with enough space to swing a to speak. Then made some chili, had a beer and jumped on the rollers. Literally.

A casual youtube search will show people doing roller 'tricks'. Obviously there are those with otherworldly balance doing odd things, but the basics seem to be starting without holding onto anything, no handed, sprinting, jumping the bike off the rollers and one footed/no handed.

I had a wee go at starting without holding on and managed a very unconvincing effort. I can do one footed pretty easily with hands on, but the concept of doing this no handed scares the shit out of me. My pedal stroke is actually pretty smooth, and thats with 177.5 cranks, which im now not used to, but it sends a shiver down my spine. Jumping off? thats for another day.

So, 9.04pm to 10.08pm day 7 here we come...


In the rather small other-news department, my Bonty dusters and 240 centre lock are in...yay alpine bikes! New wheels for the bikepackbike. Ive been thinking on that too. I have an idea for some packs, sort of small 'n' shaped in cross section, with sets of compression straps underneath the downward protruding sections to hold dry bags stuffed with thermarest, tent or fuel bottles...we'll see. Im also beginning to think that in honesty if i want to see how it all works, and im keen to do the WHW in one push, maybe with a dive across east to the callender side, then why not do it out and back? with a bivi in fort bill? we'll see...

Also if you arent following iditasport and curiak's unsupported effort, you should be.

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