Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thoidy thoidy toidy

Day 2. 10.44 am to 11.45 am. Urban ride on the ro sham bo...nice now its got the kelly fork back on and the pauls brakes feel so much better than the xtr...good modulation...

Rode to glasgow green and then down the side of the clyde. Saw the broken squinty bridge. I had never really thought about how the cable that was supporting the road must have swung when it broke. Ouch. Still it was only £16 million eh?

Although i dont mind rollers at all, its so much better to be out and about.

Then sunday brunch at the stravaigan with both sets parents, my sis and elisabeth. This allowed us to celebrate trina's birthday and mothers day with bacon, maple and french toast and bloody mary's, eggs benedict and much chat. All good.

Tomorrow we're bringing the p'phone back from edinburgh. She wont recognise the house as its had so much decoration done...hopefully she wont zoom up the chimney again.

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