Thursday, March 27, 2008

Martyn Bennett

Tonight we joined martin and susan at "aye - an affirmation of martyn bennett". I first heard his fusion of dance, drum and bass, traditional scottish folk music and, well, passion thumping out of the back of martins car at a cross race. Something about the music hit home, and his story is both tragic and fascinating. "aye -" is a tribute of sorts, by Mcfall's chamber who play some of his music and a medley of some of his compositions for theatre. Fantastic - life affirming and joyous music. Check it.

Yesterday, an urban ride, 1.10 ish in cold dreich. But fine. Today, a quick (?) hour on the rollers.

Part of me is sad this 30/30 is coming to a close, part of me is not. I like riding, and have had only 2 days when i felt that i didn't *want* to ride. That is not bad. But, i do feel its been tougher to empty myself into a ride one day with the prospect of gym, work, and a ride the next day. As a boost to early season fitness it has been great: totally broken down the nihilistic outlook i tend to have at this time of year.

I suspect i will be repeating next year.

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manchester trev said...

im gutted about not finishing it, but im going to do my own personal challenge next month, of either along the same lines as 30 in 30, or a minimum total of 1000 kilometers for the month.........maybe pushing it a bit!