Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sin city

Frank Miller is a legend. I was on the rollers last night, looking out at the pile driving rain and watching sin city on my lap top on the window sill. A great film. 5.58pm to 6.59pm.

Today, i decided i was going out regardless. Sure enough, pile driving rain and high winds. Instantly soaked, and cold. My fingers were swollen and sore for 30 minutes after i warmed up. Satisfying though. 6.58pm to 8.05pm


Simon said...

Yay for riding in the rain! Plenty of us have done that today. It'll toughen us all up :)

grant said...

yI have to agree. I still have my battered 20 yr old copy of DKR on a shelf and read it every so often. Probably my favourite book.

As for riding in the rain......good on you. :-)

Cris B said...

There's an alternative to riding in the rain :-O