Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stile style.

Today, 6.27pm to 7.30pm urban ride. Slow but legs spinning. Mixed city-and- by-the-clyde ride. Got it done. I'm pooped to be honest, so there wasnt much dingadingdang my dangalonglinglong. There you go.

Why so pooped. Poor sleep*, a late night after a long day. Blah blah. The long day was exceptionally good fun. We (dave-no-chops) headed over to the marty savalas hq, where chris was already in position. We headed out on a technofest for 3 and a half hours in varied places near B to the I. Excellent fun, all in all. Many scrapes, bruises and one or two sore baw bags after some serious OTB steep stuff down steps, root infested slopes and a jump area built by local kids.

I suspect one reason for my poor sleep* was my rather impetuous attempt at a 6-7 foot high skinny wood bridge with a steep drop at the end. Seems that it was slightly shonky. Kind of elvis presley legged ifyouknowwhatimean, and im not that good at thin ladder bridge stuff. So at the bottom, was a rather unceremonious skid into a pile of off cuts. No serious damage done (unless my carbon fibre wonder fork has some microcracks now....) and a rather more sobre lesson in attempting man made stuff. At least go and walk on the things first to see if they move. Could have been worse, though dave reckoned i was on my front wheel only for most of it...

After some great chat with susan the ever gracious host, cake and the obligatory pig fest, we headed home and i joined trina and sarita at the cinema for the diving bell and the butterfly. This is the story of the Elle magazine editor who suffered a stroke, which caused him to develop locked in syndrome. Brutal. His book about his life during and after this period by the same name is incredibly profound and moving. The film probably could never match this, but it is well worth seeing.

So, where are we now? Day 25 is done, and day 24 was one of the best rides in living memory. Day 23 was errrr, sunday right? thats it. I spent it rolling the road rat along the river Kelvin, then on to the clyde canal and home. something like 1.10hrs i think, sunny, super crispy and joyous.

Claws out, teeth gritted, guns flexing. 5 days to go.

Note the anti whatMTB rotation on that photo. Nifty, eh?


Simon said...

That skinny bridge thing sounds bloody scary!

5 to go. I'm expecting sore legs tomorrow after riding hard today.

Marty Savalas said...

just one bawbag, mashed multiple times.

grant said...

Braefoot perchance?

I really should head back over for a looksie one day, it's been a wee while since I last visited.

dave said...

Aye - you nose manualled down the skinny in a mighty impressive style reminiscent of Jimmy Levan's trademarked overhang toothpick.... looked very nice until you started to grind your driveside chainstay down the side of the "structure". Oh, and the Jon/stump interface spoiled it a wee bit too. How are the glands anyway - still the right number in your purse?