Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Playing with an angle finder and digital scale. Need to spend more time on the fat front 29er wheel. Issue - it weighs 100g more than my usual *rear* wheel. Translated over a significant distance, it would have to offer significant comfort/control advantages.

What else? about to gear down. Deano schooled me on some climbs the other day: sat and spun away. Now he's pretty damn swift on a bike, but it was also clear that my pile driver pedal stroke is not the most efficient as gradient increases. So, initially 34:19, then as my spin improves (the 39:16 on the fixed is helping...) move to 34:20. I may use this gear for bristol 12, and i will use it for 10 at kirroughtree and also the shenandoah.

Trying to clear the bike room a little. A few frames to go, and several components that - despite my emotional attachment too - i am never going to use. Catharsis....
Need to build up the fixed rear wheel for the new cross frame. It is an A317 rim, to a paul rear disc mtb hub, all blacked out, with dt comps. That way i will have both fixed and free wheels i can interchange. The aim of this bike is versatility for road/offroad mixed distance riding.

At the moment the initial build looks like fixed and flat (ish) bars. Will experiment with drops, probably compact anatamical after trying a few briefly, and see where i go from there.

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