Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ouch dammit.

Sometimes the smallest things can be huge obstacles. The other day i found a skin tag in my left oxter. Skin tags are small mushrooms of flesh which rear up from the surface of the skin due to constant dragging friction. Hence you get them around the neck, and under arms. Trina kindly tied a thread around mine, with the aim that it would lose its blood supply and fall off. What actually happened was the thread fell off. I hate these sort of things, and of course the one true way to get rid? cut it off.

For some reason auto amputation no matter how small is quite difficult to do. If the tissue is dead, well its fine. But if its going to hurt and bleed - a different story.

I stumped up the courage this morning. Weird.


Phil The Horse said...

Self harmer ;-)

Krs said...

Could you use a lit cigarette?

[for the skin tag, not for the more common purpose of inhaling]