Tuesday, March 03, 2009


There is some amazing stuff (as ever) at NAHBS. I've stolen a few pics from folk...

The first there, is from sal_bass, and shows some of paul components stuff, including a very neat chain guide. The second, from the second from ronsta36, a snake skin 'do on a groovy. Think i might have to pick up a groovy luv handle.

The other bikes that caught my eye: curtis' snow bike, with mud guards, and black sheep bikes bike built for jake kirkpatrick. 17lb and that's about it. King inset head tube, removable rear triangle, scrub components disc rotors and lots and lots of swoop. Sweet.

(again, sal_bass)


dRjON said...

and as an aside, im slowly learning this html crap so i can get the pics sorted....bah!

Nick said...

Lots of chindogu.

Especially that ugly tandem brake lever fabricated from a downtube lever just because they insisted on using bar end levers for the gears. An inelegant solution to a problem of their own making.

Using either STI levers or downtube shifters would have solved the problem much more elegantly and the bar end lever could act as the drag brake with no ugly fabrication.