Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stuff to do:

1) read joe friel's book - training bible for mtb
2) make a training plan
3) finish mark twight's book (extreme alpinism)
4) become a tough guy
5) ride lots
6) build trina's new front wheel - stans 355 650b onto xt hub
7) rebuild trina's bike
8) enter 12 hours of bristol bike fest [tick]
9) decide what else apart from ehandoah i want to race
10) build new cross-ish bike
11) other stuff

I was reading over on dave macleod's blog about the curent issues with grading climbs with and without the use of mats. Highball bouldering? free solo climbing? versus trad?

Interesting to me (at the risk of overplaying the comparison of rock climbing and biking) due to the difficulties riding the same stuff fixed off road compared to free wheel. In the last 2 months i have ridden 3 times with a free wheel. Bliss! ease! and to be fair fun!

Doing easy drop ins on a fixed? fear! adrenalin! accomplishment!

2 different ways to do the same move.


(lifted from dave's sight, music by siren, black sparrow resident).


miketually said...

In that order?

chrisD said...

build new cross-ish bike, ahh, music to my eyes?

krs said...

10) build new cross-ish bike

I sense your commitment is wavering a little...

; )

dRjON said...

frame signed off yesterday.

adjustablecrumpet said...

read kiss or kill? made me feel positively normal... :-)

funk said...

re "tough guy", does that mean no more kiehls facial products?