Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Wax lubes.
Groovy luv handles.
Fixed or free?
ESI grips.

Lots of questions. Searching for answers.


Anonymous said...

Is this for the new cross-ish bike? If so, go free not fixed, and how about some cross legal bars(500mm)? I know the scottish cyclo cross league allow all comers, but if your going to get all serious about it ride a cross bike not a mountainbike. I will be very interested in what you think of the new lube. Anyway, whatever you do I look forward to seeing the new bike, they always look good.

Anonymous said...

gears if you're serious
single to live the dream
fixed for pointless posturing

Phil The Horse said...

Fixed if you want to have fun and upset the odd couple of people who aren't as fast as they think they are. :-)

martysavalas said...

wax lube - interested to hear if that survives for long. finish line cross country ftw.
bars - another hybrid, eh? if you want to be "different" at least get ones that look nice.

krs said...

Wax lube? Fageddaboudit. Unless as moustache styling product [if gentlemen use such things]. Leave it for folks who live in the desert.

Bars? They look ok, shame about some colour schemes. If you get a pair let me have them for my moontain bike and I'll swap you a pair of Salsa Bell laps. If drop bars were good enough for Tomac they are good enough for you etc. etc...

Grips? Comfy and nice colours. Do they stay stuck?

Fixed? No. [but you may differ ; ) ]

Shaggy said...

Squirt is what Carl H is importing? No? I fancy a try- Ice wax worked Ok for me

ESI- I'd combine shipping...

Cellarrat said...


#2. i'm intrigued

#3. Very much so!

#4 not in your life ever!!