Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This song ran through our heads for a significant portion of saturdays ride. Im particularly liking the ginger fuzzball with added tache at 3.17.

So, Mangrunt Deluxe as described by chris here, was a grand affair. 8 or so hours on the bike (with a short stop for a much needed beverage). Mucho fire road in the wind and sun, and some loch side rocky singletrack. Awesome.

Dean pushed the pace on the long climbs. Chris earned his 40lb of flesh for climbing what we thought was impossible. He also thought these stairs would go. Ouch...

Even i managed a couple of drops on the loch side i hadnt demonstrated the cojones for previously and one step up that i hadn't even considered before. Martin took a vid of that one and also some classic pics. Jac dieselled the route in her preps for trans portugal. All in all a top ride.

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