Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bike pack(ed).

All bivvi/sleeping gear. Dinner. Stove and gas. Kettle. Coffee maker. Tools. Inc. dry bags. Waterproof. 3.9kg.

All that is left is riding clothes, water and some energy bars.

The aim for this year was sub 10lb, and i'm already there. There is plenty of scope to go lighter - use the insulation mat from shaggy, ditch the padlock and cable.

Soon, i'll get my mits on the rackless bags and see what i can do with those.

More when im back.


Shaggy said...

I've got you a present here. It'll shave GRAMS of your kit! ;-)

I'm not really gay said...

hmmm, yes its that time again isnt it :-)

plans afoot !

dave (chops optional) said...

Shaggy - is it:-
b)a bacon dessicator?