Saturday, April 04, 2009

Moulin Homage.

So Thursday i rode up to moulin near pitlochry. It was:
a) a route i roughly knew
b) a chance to pay homage to the new team (see the vc moulin blog for a full write up of the trip)
c) a stepping stone to allow me to bivvi with new (less!) gear and then ride on up to aviemore

All these things came to pass, but the ride also became a homage to Buddy. Rest easy.


chrisD said...

its a great ride and inspirational, what bags you using?

dRjON said...

they are epic designs bags.

i need to pull my finger out and do a kit list as lots of folk wonder about this sort of thing and people can be tight lipped about what they take along. is a good place to start, and for winter riding advice.

or ask shaggy! or jenn!

the bags are eric has a blog by name of the adventures of captain swallowtail very worth while fuss/low glam hardcore adventure riding...