Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When the sun shines....

We went to the hills this week end. Rode with trina on saturday. Rolled down by the river and then back via the cycle path network in glasgow. Sunday saw us up early (cough) to climb up Ben Vrackie. The view from the top was tempered a little by the heat haze, but it was a fair climb to 850m and well worth a pint at the Moulin Inn. Unfortunately, we couldnt as we had to drive down the road...ah well, another time.

Monday saw a comedy of errors finally see me leave the house sans helmet and sandwich. As i was only just away i decided to return and pick them up...you can never go hungry when you are training...As i got to the starting point for the ride (cardrona forest nr peebles) i realised i had forgotten my compass/watch and my pack bladder also. Hmmm. Not wanting to give up i stuffed a 2 litre bottle of agua and a bottle of iron bru in the wingnut and set off. An excellent ride it turned out to be, despite the stem issues i was having (see prev entry and once i have played around w the venier gauge a more thorough post). I took all the better routes around cardrona, elibank and traquair and yair forests. There were many long, steep climbs and an excellent array of singletrack from the sublimely buff forested and loam to the rckfck that is the innerleithen black loop (see photo).

43 ish miles, and strong legs. I couldnt ask for more.

We also went to see the curse of the golden flower. Very good, typical of the lush beautifully paced hero and house of flying daggers. Slightly more morally challenging. Well worth seeing.

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