Monday, April 30, 2007

A sonsie ride

Today i *needed* to get a big ride in. It had to happen. The kettlebells are driving the hams and quads hard and i havent felt much for riding recently. But it is only 2 and a bit weeks to finale and so miles had to be carved out.

In order to feel a bit of a fire for riding, i decided not to drive any where. I like riding from home, its a particular pleasure when you get back. The route was perhaps ambitious given one or two big climbs, but that is exactly what the body needed. This way it wont be such a shock riding for 24 hrs.

So, out door, hit the side of the river kelvin and boot it to the town of milngavie. From there hit the west highland way and spin out to drymen at the base of loch lomond. Instead of continuing along the WHW, take the mustard route (tm) over towards aberfoyle, and then take the red loop off that and then re loop around and out to loch arklet and stronachlachar. From there, drop down to inversnaid, take the lovely technical singletrack down to balmaha, with one meaty climb and return to drymen via conic hill.

Conic hil is never nice. It is a walk one way due to ruts from water damage and a portage the other way. The legs were feeling it as i topped out in a high head wind. Drop down, and take the WHW back. 85 miles. Lots of climbing. Pain and anguish as i finish my last sip of water 10 miles from home.

By coincidence bump in to trina in street and stand there like the broken man i am, and then get fed and watered, and yes a few beers. Tired now. Bleeding a little. Sore legs, but satisfaction.

I am as ready as i need to be...i could be fitter, but it'll go now.

  • 6.5 litres of water.
  • 2 cereal bars, one fudge flap jack, 1 powerbar, a flask of energy spooch, one pineapple and pistachio bar and a can of coke.
  • one slipping thomson seat pin..bah!
  • 9.5 hours.
  • one creaky bottom bracket.


Dean said...

Ooh, you've got me excited about an epic ride (and about riding in Scotland). Will have to wait until the weekend, but it won't be a righteous solo excursion.

Do you want your old 410 27.2 back as I'm now using a layback on the Seven - I know you got on with it...

dRjON said...

s'yours mate! sell, swap or barter as needed...where are you heading for again?

Dean said...

Well, if it's the right size for you then have it back - we can look at bartering, will drop you a line :^)

Doing the Dyfi this Sunday - think it's 60km (shorter than I thought, so not all that epic after all) with a group ride on Sat at Nant.