Sunday, April 22, 2007


I posted up on mtbr about the jeff jones/merlin frames which are going to be made available. All sorts of ridiculous and outlandish statements were made.

I can't help but feel that i agree very much with the people i agree with. I also deeply disagree with those i don't agree with. That may seem like it 'goes without saying', but i find myself nodding with those who say sensible things, in an informed and non-inflammatory way, and i can feel my blood boil at those who just open their mouths and spew all manner of idiotic words. There seems to be very little middle ground. Is it just because i have a closed mind and a blinkered outlook on life?

Why is it so polarising? Do people need to make such exaggerated counter points in order to feel their voices will be heard? or paid any attention to?

I just don't know. It is interesting sociologically and psychologically.

I'm just glad i agree with characters like don ferris of anvil bike works...reassuring.


shaggy said...

Linkie to MTBR?

I wasnt convinced about JJ until;
a. I saw some of his bikes in the flesh
b. I rode some of them

I can see why people dont like them(esp on internet forums!) but the ones I've met havn't done the above points...

want one? buy one and f everone who doesnt like it.

Me? I cant strech that far so at some stage I'll have a Wolfhound. I've been promising to buy one for years!

weasel said...

Sadly some people seem to use forums as an outlet for anger and outrageous claims of knowledge. I suppose the anonymity lends itself to such abuses but I've worked with people willing to make such claims in person. Strange to think what motivates it though.

miketually said...

Internet Tourettes strikes again...

Nick said...

I wasnt convinced about JJ until:
b. I rode one of them


90% of verbal communication comes from gesture and tone. When you struggle to express yourself (and I do) the 10% that's left can come across in ways that were not intended.