Monday, April 02, 2007

Rock and roll

This week end saw a high pressure weather system bringing some much needed sunshine to the whole of scotland. Of course, when it is sunny, with cold air and only a light breeze, you need to ride. Yesterday i decided to go back and see an old friend. Well, maybe friend is not the right word. Not so much an enemy but perhaps a respected opponent?

The Devils Staircase is a section of trail built by the english army to access the highlands proper without having to trail around the peninsula, through Glencoe, to Kinlochleven and then on to the garrison town of Fort William. It rises from near the base of Buchaille Etive Mor, to the shoulder of Stob Mhic Mhartuin and then down to the service road for Blackwater reservoir. I usually ride from bridge of orchy, over white corries ski area - including the most vibration inducing trail in the known universe (general wade's military road) - and then follow the west highland way up and over to reach the access road. I then went up to the dam, crossed and descended the blackwater decent. This is a trail that the word 'rough' does not define. It has probably been 2 years since i rode it, and it is even rougher than before. I have never ridden a 29"er on it, and i'm sure the rolling ability helped somewhat but it still took nearly an hour to decend to kinlochleven, including the last section with fires licking my pedals on both sides of the hill side where the heather was being burnt back. Exciting and smelly.

I took the road to glencoe village and then the off road trail up glencoe, past Altna feadh and back to rejoin the WHW at kingshouse over the white corries and back. 7.15 hours, 53+ miles a lot of climbing and glorious sunshine.

I can feel some strength returning...

Entries for the sswc are going well...not entered? want to ?


weasel said...

Hi there, did you pick up your Eriksen post while in the states or did you get it sent acroos and if so did you get stung by tax? Cheers

dRjON said...

got it over there//// but im sure they can send over.

shaggy said...

I was going to ask if that was a pic by Trina. Dare I ask whow you found it on an Italian website?

nice though!

dRjON said...

giggle...just searched for buchaille on google images..its a top photo eh?

Nick said...

Pedant: The whole network of roads built by Wade are known as Wade's Roads, and they're all over the bloody place.

Jealous of you in that place anyway, too long since I rode there.