Thursday, April 26, 2007

Man down

My brah shaggy was hit by a car on his commute today. Beaten up and "the mother of all dead legs" but otherwise in one piece. Bike? dunno...

Lets keep on keeping on being careful out there...sleeping/staring off into space/mobile phoning/lip gloss applying motorists are everywhere now.

The image belongs to simon barnes. Check his site. Ace.

Random drivel. The cast of 300 used kettle bells to get in shape for the film. I am using kettlebells to get in shape for racing. I am not looking like i could be in 300. Damn.


shaggy said...

cheers fella.

"just a little hit by a car". Frame and the front half of the bike are dead :-(

miketually said...

Good to hear you're ok.

Did the driver admit it was their fault?

Alex said...

Sorry to hear that mate, hope you mend fast and get the bike sorted.


Buck said...

Hey Shaggy!

Cowboy up, cupcake! That is what you say to me everytime I get on the computer these days. Being that you're my current screen saver pic from Sweden. Hope you are full stride soon and I have the opportunity to see it happen in Scotland!