Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cheap and nasty

pic pinched from fuzzyjohn blog

Trina left for London tonight. I pedalled down to Oddbins (a distance of, oooo!, 1/3 mile) and picked up some cheap and nasties...tonight = a couple of cervezas and an early night. I always feel a bit sad when trina goes somewhere for a few days...even after over a decade together. So in some ways i like it if youknowwhatimean. It would be weird if i wasnt a bit sad.

Cohutta 100 was just done. The first in the NUE series (National Ultra Endurance) in the U S of A. A few fast times (cough) Eatough won in 6.45 and change with Danielle Musto sprinting for the ladies win in 8.34.36.

Singlespeed saw fuzzy, 2 places ahead of 'one of our own' - Dejay Birtch - taking around 8 hours. That is f a s t. Good write up as well as a pic of Harlan Price's new 1.5" head tube/headshock IF ti deluxe on: http://namrita.blogspot.com/

So - which one next year....Shenandoah i think...

To be honest Dalbeattie sxc this week end isnt lighting my competitve fires, but they really need lit soon...

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miketually said...

The guy on the right is barefoot. Does he have cleats screwed into the bottom of his feet, or does he just grip the pedals with his toes?