Saturday, October 04, 2008

What do we have here?

Well, that is a 9mm rws dt swiss thru bolt skewer, one of the best ways to tighten up the front end of your bike without resorting to the 20mm (or new 15mm) standards.

The bottom left end cap is from a dt 440 fr front hub (which at the moment is very hard to find with the 9mm rws end caps. Near impossible, infact. The other end cap is for a dt 240 front hub and shows what would need to happen in order to allow me to use the 9mm rws skewer and get the best from the 25 mm axle in the 440 fr hub.

The stepped, conical drill bit will make drilling the required hole with my new toy easier (see below, where p-phone is helping me mount a vice with old headset top caps and star nuts to the tray on the pillar drill i just bought).

I have also discovered (d'oh!) that 135mm rws skewers will *just* fit the front of the pink bike with the old man mountain rack mounted. 2 options here: use the aforementioned pillar drill to widen the aluminium brackets to accept the thru bolt version, or just use the standard qr style axle.

Finally i'll feel better about the security of the front end. There has been a lingering worry because the IF forks have downward facing dropouts, i use a 180mm rotor and with me and the load, there may be enough force to pull the hub out of the drops. I have noticed a micro amount of shift a couple of times.

Next~? well, i *may* be able to increase the diameter of the rear old man mountain rack brackets so that i can use (ti?) m10 bolts with the bolt-on end caps for the dt 240 ss rear i have on the pink bike, again increasing retention strength. Only issue, i wont know how much i will weaken the brackets. Might ask omm and see what their thoughts are....

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funk said...

have you used the piller drill on the p-phones eyes?