Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time spent fettling.

I wanted to ditch the square taper crank and bb from both the town bike and the roshambo. Square taper is just not as stiff, or long lasting *for me* compared to shimano HT II. With the help of dave at alpine bikes, i faced and fitted the bb and crank to the roshambo. I completely failed to fit the 105 triple, despite fiddling with several bb's and spacing configurations. Yet again, it went on with masses of space between the drive side crank and the frame, with the non drive side hitting.

The shimano mtb bb cups are less deep than the road ones, so i was using an xt and all the spacers on the other side. No joy, still hit.

BTW: If anyone knows why on some frames the cranks are off set to the drive side please let me know. We looked at some of the bikes in the shop and some are and some arent. Weird.

On returning home, i used a 5mm (red) 1" headset spacer and a rubber sheet trimmed to fit and seal it onto the axle. This is 2 mm thinner than the original plastic spacer on the crank. I then used the 105 bb and a 2.5mm spacer on the non drive side of the town bike (a dambala) and it all went together beautifully... nice.

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Nick said...

He he. I like the *for me" qualifier :)