Saturday, October 04, 2008

Avant-garde yodelling.

Damo opened my ears to triple r radio, melbourne. The other day - to give you some idea of the eclectic playlists - i listened to some avant-garde yodelling. To be fair, it was quite KLF, buuuuuuuuuuuut its all good, ok?

So whassup, eh? why no speak in so long, eh?

Busy at work.
Busy building wheels (why so many have needed replacing this year, i dunno).
Busy looking at pillar drills (more on this later).
Busy watching a dvd of Deadwood.
Busy using our new recycling service.
Busy stroking the cat.
Busy in Yorkshire.
Busy running, in preparation for cross season.
Busy listening to music.
Busy laughing with friends.

We supported at the 3 peaks cross race last week end...everyone was a star: philgarethshaggyjacanjaemilydeannigelchrisdscottishphil360jenn and the photogs were in good form too...see vc moulin for write ups, including anja's third place female. In your first 3 peaks? a podium? yup. Hardcore.

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j said...

how can no one comment on that gorgeous grin on yr racer woman?