Sunday, October 19, 2008

More wheels.

I love building wheels. Cliched i know, but it truly is a zen like practice, and it is nice to know that the very structure responsible for your enjoyment was made from component parts by your own hand.

The town bike needed a new front wheel. For some reason, all the tension went from the right side of the wheel over the space of a few days and the creaking and wobbles set in, prompting me to reach for the spoke boxes and loctite. The Xt front hub was retained, and dt double butted black comps, to alloy nips with a bonty mustang gave a really nice wheel. I am becoming a fan of slightly fatter rims for road riding. Seems to make the tire nice and stable, whilst minimising the chance of pinches.

Next i stripped down the rear dt singlespeed on the tIF. It has served well for 2 years, but the bearings had developed a small amount of play. Having had the dt tool kit for while, and spare bearings (bought needlessly after strathpeffer a year or so ago) i set to work. Easy peasy, though i did put the star ratchet retaining ring in the wrong way up initially(on account of rebuilding it upside down compared to the instructions). Easily sorted, and as new. Bonty duster with red alloy nips and dt comps in black. Swish.

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