Monday, October 20, 2008


Found an old USE safe T headlock thingy. It is 5mm threaded 0.8mm pitch, so it works perfectly as an alternative to the qr axle. All i needed to do was work out how to transfer the hardware from the dt rws to the new axle, and bob's your uncle.

Here is a photo essay.

The old man mountain supplied skewer is top (though this is the front one). Its not a great piece of kit. Vague closure, and not the most secure, as all external cams are in my opinion.

Below is the rws that will act as a donor for parts. It *is* a very secure skewer. But, it aint long enough to stretch all the way through the alloy rack carriers and the hub...

This is what you get when you ease an rws apart. The splined thread on section needs thread locked onto the axle, then the red bolt carries the spring that allows the lever to move as a ratchet. Simple, light and solid.

The threaded rod was donated by the old USE safe T head lock. All i needed to do was bind two nuts on it, and a 6mm allen key provided plenty of torque to remove the alloy top section. Next, i used a tap to clean the thread with wd 40 and then alcohohol. The rws head was threadlocked in place and the mechanism replaced. The axle was cut to size and...

Bob is your uncle.

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