Friday, June 27, 2008

Satan's emissary on earth.

Bit of an odd 24 hours. Building a wheel last night, and, well, im sheepish to admit i kindof laced it worng, and got a drive side swapped with a non for 2 adjacent spoke holes. I had been using the DT swiss calculator and erred on the short side, as i quite often find i run out of thread because i use relatively high spoke, there i go, bringing in the radial and *BANG* a nipple flies past the left side of my head and impacts on the wall. it had split in half leaving a powdery lump af aluminium on the nipple. Took me a while to realise what i had done, and it seems i left a score at the wrong angle on the DT 240 flange. i hope itll be fine, im sure it will...eeek!

Chipps sent me a book the other day on wheel building and it is a good one, and its odd, cos i scanned the whole thing and the bit that stuck for me was dont tension with yer eyes close to the nipple holes. Good idea...

Shaggy and mel are here at a wedding, they stayed over last night and i got lots of useful chat with shaggy about bike stuff...all good.

Awoke this morning with the vague memory i was doing another fitness test today. Bugger. A busy morning and a quiet afternoon had me totally thrilled to be heading to the gym. Really. Anyways, i managed a 7 minute reduction and felt comfortable all the way except on the 30-40th presses where my arms were again fatigued and at meter 400-600 on the 8% run. 20 mins dead.
As a feed up i plan to inhale 4 chicken breasts i have steeping in mesquite flavouring. A poor substitute for the real thing, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut its pishing down. So, that, corn, some sloppy salsa and peas with pitta breads and for after, white russian. I made a special stop to get some finlandia vodka, which is a favourite for the white russians. Turns out, the geezer in the offy was a bit of a lebowski buff and a vodka lover. Thus ensued a great conversation about which vodkas we prefer for what. Scary knowledge probably, but good at the same time.

Right. Meat. Chilis. Beers, a bad film and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Icon O. Classt said...

Two words: brass nipples.

Aluminum is crap and guarantees a premature spoke-popping somewhere down the line.

Watch those eyes!