Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Damo in town.

Well, in the toon anyways...he's over building a bamboo structure at the sage in newcastle, a bridge over the tyne. Yep really.

Sounds like it will be well worth, natural materials and damn big.

Photo shows damo and a fellow bambuco team member, nicked from fotobamba.

What else? fitted some road bb7s and a set of my old paul canti -levers to the tIf...looks nice, improved ergo/reach we'll see how the power is. Should be ok from a survey of folk, especially sam's input from singular cycles. If not i can bung a bigger rotor up front.

If its nice, the pinkster will be swapped also. The spare brakes are now on the dambala again, on which im testing a headset currently. It has been a relative bugger (if there can be such a thing) to fit but once on, it seems nice. A good compression mechanism without the use of an angled compression ring...we'll see how it holds up.

That bike seems nice in a funny way, the green is kind of absinthe-metallic, i like it.

All i need to do is build a new rear wheel and its all go...hopefully in time to lend shaggy, who is visiting us with the lovely mel this week end, and i reckon with a squeeze anja will fit on it too to try the big wheels...should be good.

Seem to have spent a lot of time futzing with stuff in the bike room recently. I'm enjoying it...i like working on bikes.

Also, well, its prolly not a suprise, but a jeff fork in 135 and fat front wheel may be wending their way to me soon. But thats a whole different story...

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jacquie phelan said...

hi Damo!!
love the pic, Jon...a rope being flung...
perfect .