Thursday, June 05, 2008

Daily bread and butter

Had an odd episode with the cat the other night. After getting the train back from edinburgh, then catching up on some emails later on at night, the p phone decided to join me. It was dark and i forgot i had put a beer on the computer desk, which slides the keyboard in and out. Needless to say i pushed the keyboard in, the beer glass tips and poors sierra nevada from head to tail down persephone's back. Suffice to say, she wasnt thrilled. After we finally stopped her tearing around the flat, she had her first shower...which wasnt as bad as i thought it might be, still - not to be repeated beer spillage that! (not our cat - happy robots from flickr....)

Looks like daily bread cycles is happening...good. quite fancy that frame, if they make one smaller.

Racing in Bristol this weekend...excited, pinkster got slotted into the trico and i have a computer on the bike which i am sort of working with at the moment. will be interesting to see if it helps stop me blowing up.

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